Hızır's massacre … – Bandit Does Not Rule the World 165.


Bandit does not rule the world 165.
While Khidr was sent from the table with the betrayal of his friends, Feyyaz has reached the result of his treacherous plans that he has worked fine from the very beginning. Next is to kill Hızır and Alparslan and then finish all the table members in order to take full control of the table. In line with the plan, the Butchers will inform the successful assassination of Çakırbey residents, and Feyyaz, who is waiting for this news, will finish the work of the table members, who gathered under the pretext of making a lasting peace. Indeed, things do not go as planned this time.

İlyas's attitude towards Behzat, who thinks he was betrayed by his friend, is harsh and clear. While thinking that he has no friends any more; When he learns that Ömür knows ahead, he will realize once again that he should not trust anyone. Ultimately, the only person who will have to choose a side between Façalı and Çakırbeyli families will not be Ömür.

Emine, who will not be willing to betray the type and Haşmet's brother, Hızır, who she calls my brother, leaves the rest and leaves her house. It is only a matter of time before Haşmet loses Behzat, where both his brother and his wife turn their backs. The person who will be saddened by these separations will be Hızır, whose sole purpose is to keep their loved ones together.

The story of Hızır Çakırbeyli and his family, who climbs to the top of the underground world he entered at an age to be called a child, is told. Every man who enters the underworld vows to rebel against injustice. As he grows stronger and richer, he becomes the source of these injustices…
Hızır Çakırbeyli is a man of love … He never escapes to love … He also likes to be loved …
He keeps his brother, son, nephew and other members of his family as well, and he is a devoted "father" for them … He is a loyal friend … An indispensable brother. It is a fair and generous head…
It will glorify Hızır in the underground world, where it will be the end of it… While it has become a reliable, always done man, the state is attached to the radar of the state… The state thinks that it is not a good candidate for carrying out illegitimate activities that it wants to control. is an offer to be…

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