Alpaslan does not believe that the traitor is Behram! The Bandit Doesn't Rule the World 150 Episodes

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Bandit does not rule the world 150th episode summary:
The people of Çakırbey are willing to shake hands with an enemy they see smaller in order to destroy the great enemy. When it comes to money, they make a plan to end Altan's partnership with the Boundless who can collaborate with everyone. Altan, on the other hand, will take immediate action against the plan made to have the enemy hit the enemy.
Haşmet meets with Emine one more time in hopes of getting the answer "yes" to his offer. Tipi, who thinks that her older sister has betrayed her, cannot remain calm and takes breath at the door of Hasmet to relieve her anger. In addition to being a member of the table, the type of Haşmet, who is a relative of Çakırbeylı, who makes the death decision alone, will force everyone's patience with this move.
The table members who think that they have survived a traitor by killing Behram are about to find out how wrong he was. The Flood's hands, which had to clear the obstacles one by one in order not to be exposed, will become more and more bloody every day.

The story of Hızır Çakırbeyli and his family, who climbs up to the top of the underground world he entered at an age to be called a child, is told. Every man who enters the underworld vows to rebel against injustice. As he grows stronger and richer, he becomes the source of these injustices…
Hızır Çakırbeyli is a man of love … He never escapes to love … He also likes to be loved …
He keeps his brother, son, nephew and other members of his family as well, and he is a devoted "father" for them … A loyal friend … An indispensable brother. It is a fair and generous head…
It will glorify Hızır in the underground world, where it will be the end of it… When it has become a reliable, always done man, the state is attached to the radar of the state… The state thinks that it is not a good candidate for carrying out illegitimate activities it wants to control… It is the biggest candidate for Çakır.

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